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  • WS-001 Wire Stripper: Using the Universal Mount

     A short video showing how to set-up a WS-001 Scrap Wire Stripper for  either bench mount or vise mount. Our new Universal Bench/Vise mount  allows for you to orient the stripper for proper stripping direction   which is pulling the wire through the pulley evenly centered on the vee  pulley under the blade 

    How to install, adjust, and remove a 16C collet stop

    Short video on installing, adjusting, and removing a 16C Collet Stop on a 16C collet using RBF Products 16C Collet Stop and Collet Stop Wrench. 

    Best Heavy Duty Mill Stop on the market

     If your tired of wasting your money on so called "Quality" import mill  stops. Check out our HDMS-001. Solid positive stopping for your mills at  an affordable cost. Proudly designed and built in the USA.